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DeltaERC & The Lumber Industry

We are here to help!

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Hi, I'm Grant! 

At Delta ERC, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you understand and navigate the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) - a valuable tax credit designed to assist businesses who retained employees during the pandemic.


We've already helped many in the lumber industry that didn't think they were qualified for these funds. I've now made it my personal mission to help educate and guide others through this program. There is a lot of misinformation about these funds and it is keeping good, hard-working business owners from claiming the money they are due. 

Let our team help put money back in your pocket.

How We Work with Business Owners

We've already worked with many in the lumber industry, represented by the association logos below, to clear up confusion around the ERC program. Together, DeltaERC and Jorns & Associates can help you better understand the program and work with you to claim your funds.


Below is more information about what sets us apart. Jorns & Associates is an IRS-trusted tax professional and ERC is all they do. Their team is made of analysts, CPAs, tax attorneys and even IRS-enrolled agents that make sure your submission is done right and follows

the parameters of the program.


We have helped several lumber companies, so we are very familiar with your business and the opportunities available to claim the funds, you've paid in, to put some money back in your pocket. No matter what you've heard, no matter what you've been told by people who are not ERC professionals, you won't know for sure unless you talk to us. 

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Top Connections

We engage with Jorns & Associates, the# 1 boutique firm with thousands of clients and billions in refunds. ERC is all they do and they have qualified numerous businesses that didn't think they qualified and now have money in the bank.

Proprietary Software

The M.A.P.S software yields 15%-20% more in ERTC amounts calculated on average for clients who took advantage of the PPP Loan Program when compared to other large competitors in the market.

ERC Compliance Support

Our team will provide ongoing support to ensure that your business remains compliant with ERC requirements and regulations from start to finish. We stand behind the results.

ERC Eligibility Analysis

Jorns & Associates perform a comprehensive look into your business's eligibility for the ERC and provide you with a detailed analysis of how much you could potentially receive.

Results, Results, Results

The results don't lie and the reason Jorns is the # 1 boutique firm in the space is because they have already helped claim over 7 billion in ERC returns for their over 14,000 clients and the number continues to grow!

Tax Professionals

Jorns & Associates is comprised of 500+ staff of credentialed analysts, CPA’s, tax attorneys, and enrolled IRS agents all working to maximize the return while never compromising accuracy and compliance.

Time is Running Out...This Program Does EXPIRE!


Trusted by Small Businesses Throughout the Country

Expert and Knowledgeable

"When I spoke with Grant about Delta ERC, he made it easy to understand and explained the misconceptions I had heard. Grant has already helped AHMI members successfully complete this process."

Tom Inman

AHMI President

Dedicated and

"We were advised by the accountant that we would not qualify and so glad we did not take his advice. We engaged the specialist company Jorns & Associates and they easily qualified us for 7 figures. Do not make the mistake of missing out on these funds."

Lumber Company



"We operate a lumber mill in the southeast with 75+ employees. Grant’s company, Delta ERC, worked with Jorns & Associates to  acquire the MAXIMUM funds per employee that we were entitled to."

Lumber Company


You Work Hard - Let Us Work Hard for You!

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