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Myths vs Facts

There is an increasing amount of misinformation out there in the news and on social media about this program. All that noise is keeping good, hard-working business owners from claiming the funds they could receive. We are dedicated to making it our personal mission to set the record straight and have honest, straightforward conversations with you about the program and all the ways a business can qualify.

Just give us 15 minutes. Isn't it worth that just to know for sure?

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Popular Myths

Businesses can't qualify if revenues increased

The ERC program has changed several times since it first launched after the pandemic and now there are numerous ways to qualify for these funds that include looking at more than just revenue. Our deep dive approach will find all the ways you may qualify.

I can't claim this credit if I received PPP funds

This one is easy, it is simply just not true, nor was it ever true. The PPP is completely separate from this and is not, in any way, a determination of if you qualify to receive ERC funds. Also, a BIG difference is many of the PPP funds had to be paid back. The ERC funds do not. They are yours to keep once received.

These are free funds from the IRS

Not exactly, it is actually a refund or overpayment of federal payroll taxes that you have already paid in and is already allocated back to the business. All you have to do is apply for it! If you are a non-governmental business kept
5-500 employees during the pandemic, you ARE eligible.

Nonprofits can't qualify for these funds

Agin, there are numerous ways to qualify and that includes options for nonprofits, churches, charter and private schools.

Below is a great video that talks more in depth about this.

Another company already tried and I don't qualify

If we had a nickle for every time we have heard this one....the truth is there are a lot of companies that have jumped into this field with little to no knowledge. They don't have the proprietary software Jorns & Associates does, they don't fully understand all the ways to qualify and they are misleading companies who are missing out on major funds.

The process to file is too risky and too complex

For Delta ERC and our engagement partner Jorns & Associates, ERC is all we do. We know the program inside and out and we stand by the results. We have streamlined the process and made it easy to understand. Here is a quick video that goes over what that process looks like.

Informative and Strategic

We operate a lumber mill in the southeast with 75+ employees.  I’m writing to hopefully help and enlighten others to the opportunity Grant Deviney with Delta ERC presented to us.  The ERC program had been presented to us previously and it just didn’t seem to be a fit based on the qualifications/stipulations presented. Grant came to us later and asked if he could assist us in exploring opportunities the ERC program might have to offer.  We took him up on the offer and are quite pleased with the results.

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