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Young Businesswomen

Getting money back in the hands of small business owners is what drives us!

At Delta ERC, we are committed to helping small businesses like yours maximize the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with the support you need. ​Our team is made up of experienced professionals who understand the challenges that small businesses face and the confusion around the ERC program. We have already helped many businesses that didn't think they qualified to claim the funds they deserved. You could be next.

Below are testimonials from clients that have already engaged with us and Jorns & Associates as well as a real world example of how this program works.

Why is working with Delta ERC different?

So many things:


  • Our honesty and straightforward approach

  • Our proprietary software that is available only to us and is customized for ERC

  • 96.4% accuracy rate which protects you and your return

  • Our preferred provider relationship with Jorns & Associates


Isn't the possibility of getting thousands and possibly even millions of dollars back for your business worth a conversation? See a real-world case study below as an example.

Real Results

Below are an actual client's calculations for a refile we performed:

2021 ERC Calculation:

$850,753.85 Jorns ERC amount 2021

$688,244.15 Client received for 2021 with another firm. $162,509.70 Additional ERC if Jorns refiled 2021


2020 ERC Calculation:

$473,385.68 Jorns ERC amount 2020

$262,311.11 Client received for 2020 with another firm. $211,074.57 Additional ERC if Jorns refiled 2020


Additional ERC Through Jorns & Associates LLC:

$211,074.57 2020

$162,509.70 2021

$373,584.27 Total New recoverable amount of ERC 2020 & 2021


An additional 33.56% more in ERC funding utilizing the Jorns & Associates ERC MAPS Proprietary Calculation Software. The other firm could have done the ERC filing for this client for free, and Jorns & Associates still would have gotten them more money after paying the 20% contingency fee.


Best Regards,

Tony Swantek

Chief Operating Officer

ERC Info to Know Webinar
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Resources &

Here is a list of resources and testimonials that will speak to the quality of service you can expect from us. Take a look and then give us a call so we can help you get started before the time runs out on this program.

Like many of these clients say...

What do you have to lose?

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