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IRS Cracks Down on Fraudulent ERC Claims

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Here’s what you need to know...

RUTHERFORDTON, NC (September 28,2023) – The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program is open and you can still claim these funds. The IRS is paying more attention due to the increase in fraudulent claims being filed and they recently released their recommendations on how to proceed with claiming ERC funds. The number one recommendation, from the IRS, is to work with a trusted tax firm. That is where DeltaERC and Jorns & Associates come in.

"When fraudulent claims are filed it is the small business owners that suffer," says Grand Deviney, owner of Delta ERC. "Business owners are being taken advantage of by companies looking to capitalize on this program but do not have the expertise or experience needed to fully understand the qualifications and requirements for the program."

DeltaERC is a preferred provider for Jorns & Associates, a specialty tax firm that focuses solely on ERC. Jorns & Associates remains the #1 specialty tax firm having filed thousands of claims for businesses that have resulted in billions in returns. As an IRS-recommended “Trusted Tax Professional” Jorns & Associates' IRS-approved processes are backed by guarantees and long-term support. With 500+ staff, certified analysts, CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled IRS agents Jorns & Associates does all the heavy lifting to maximize the return.

"It is important that businesses do not shy away from claiming the funds they are due out of fear of filing a false claim", states Deviney. "By working with a company like Jorns & Associates, businesses can rest easy knowing their claims are legit and that Jorns stands behind their work. They have proprietary software that understands the ERC qualifications inside and out and they are there to support you throughout the entire process."

Don't wait to get started, these programs do expire and it takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks to file your claim. Reach out to DeltaERC today and start the conversation. You can reach Grant and his team at or through their website at

About Delta ERC:

Delta ERC is a preferred provider of Jorns and Associates, a specialty ERTC Service. Grant Deviney and his team work hard to have one-on-one conversations with business owners and dispel many of the myths about the ERC program. For more information or to read through our client testimonials visit

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